Art La Napaux


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I created this new triptych, “Numenor,” as a reminder to myself to embrace my inner power, and I hope you resonate with these pieces as well.

When I look at this series, it reminds me of the natural energy of the oceans. The raw power, strength, and tranquility of the ocean reminds me of the same energy within ourselves. 

We can create internal conflict, but in the same breath, we have the capacity to be tranquil and gentle to ourselves.

The delicate yet protective 23k gold leaf details that embrace the sides of each painting are there as beacons of protection and self worth, to remind us that if we don’t love and embrace ourselves first, then who will? 


  • 8" x 16" x 2" on cradled birch wood panel
  • alcohol ink and mixed media
  • real flakes of 23k gold leaf
  • double satin varnished, ready to ship