Next Shows - June 29th at Location 1980 and July 11th at Hera Hub!
Next Shows - June 29th at Location 1980 and July 11th at Hera Hub!
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"I make bright and colorful fluid abstract paintings that are therapeutic and soothing for the soul."

About Natasha:

Greetings, I’d like to officially welcome you to my little universe of color! Creating has always been a big part of my life, I grew up with an artistic mother who taught herself oil painting as a temporary escape from the everyday trials and tribulations of raising 3 children. When my siblings and I were young, she instilled on us that design and art are a form of creative self-expression, something we can utilize to embrace our full potential. Seeing the immense joy and meditative effect she got from locking herself in her art studio for a few hours a week, paired with the joy of her clients when they received one of her paintings, is something that has always stuck with me. Art is an exchange of energy, and is something I hope to continue the legacy of.

I come from the corporate world. I quit my toxic, male dominated executive job in December 2021 to pursue being a creative entrepreneur full time. When I was working for someone else, I couldn’t prioritize myself, and painting become second to making money and building corporate empires for other people. Why was I working so hard for someone else’s dreams while I abandoned mine? When I quit, I made the decision to never work too hard for someone else’s dreams, and to do what I love full time. I have now embraced being a businessWOMAN and have been making bright and colorful abstract art ever since. 

The power of having a supportive community along with female empowerment are themes that are important to me, if this resonates with you and you’d like to work with me, contact me today! I’d love to have a conversation with you.  

Artist Biography:

Natasha Patel is a self-taught abstract artist based out of Southern California. Growing up she was most fascinated by the energetic expressionism of Jackson Pollock and the underlying feminism portrayed by the flowers of Georgia O’Keefe.

She uses fluid acrylics, alcohol and acrylic inks, sand, and more recently epoxy resin to create abstract paintings that are bold in color and vibrant in composition. In her recent works, she has been heavily influenced by the patterns and structures found in nature and the universe. She is currently working to combine these into one cohesive abstract style playing on all influences.

Natasha has exhibited with the Divulgarti Group at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, Italy for the Contemporary Art exhibition in 2020, and has been featured in Yahoo News on a media segment called “In The Know” in 2020. In January 2022, she was selected to be featured in The Visionary Art Collective’s upcoming virtual exhibition entitled “Splash, Drip, Throw” curated by Gita Joshi. She was part of an international exhibition in July 2022 called “Life in Colour,” which showcased three abstract women artists from around the world, curated by Gita Joshi. During November 2022, Natasha was part of an online group exhibition called “Textures, Patterns, Shapes, and Forms” curated by Las Lagunas Art Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA. She sold her work during Superfine Art Fair’s LA show in October 2022.

Natasha has been interviewed by Shoutout Socal, was a featured artist on the Conception Arts Blog, and was featured in three issues of House & Garden UK Magazine for their December 2022 - January 2023 editions. 

Her Artist in Residencies include Marida Jewelry from October 2022- March 2023, and Burke Mercantile from May 2023- July 2023. She currently has ongoing exhibitions at the Ontario International Airport and is currently part of the minis group show at Sparks Gallery in San Diego.

Artist Statement:

My recent work is heavily influenced by the colors, patterns, and structures found in nature and the universe. The repetition of linear and cellular patterns, the gentle ripples in lakes and rivers, and aerial photography of landscapes, are all sources of inspiration, and have helped me to understand patience and the beauty of being fully present in a moment.

By blending abstract expressionism with science & technology, I make contemporary paintings with bold colors to create a visual and sensory experience. Art is my meditation, so it’s about finding that fine balance between transforming the therapeutic energy behind creating into something that is fun and vibrant to experience.  

I let gravity and science be my guiding force while creating my base layers in my paintings. By layering alcohol and acrylic inks with fluid mediums and vitreous paints, the different opacities and viscosities of the mediums interact to create specialized effects and texture. Gravity takes over when I tilt and blow the wet inks over the surface of the canvas, and the mediums stretch out to make abstract shapes and lines reminiscent of patterns occurring in nature. My paintings are often multi-layered, and I recently started incorporating epoxy resin as intermediary layers to give the overall paintings dimension and depth.

The colors I use are typically in the purple, green, and blue range with gold details. These colors have always been prevalent in my life. Growing up in an Indian household meant I was exposed to lots of colors through Indian fashion. One of my favorite saris my mother used to wear was royal purple, blue, and green, with gold threading. The overall look was of regality and wealth. That color combination stuck with me since that day, and has made recurring appearances in different aspects of my life. Purple is also the color of amethyst, which is my birthstone. Green is indicative of nature and is meditative for me, which is where I get inspiration for my newer works. Blue is calming and symbolizes the oceans of Southern California where I grew up. Gold represents my Asian Indian heritage, where women reign in having massive collections of gold jewelry, my mother and Masis’ included. Historically, gold jewelry was the only property Indian women could own, and to me symbolizes feminism in embracing wealth and power in times when women had little to no rights. Purple, blue, and green are also the favorite colors of some of my best female friends, who have been pillars of strength during my life journey. Together, the combination of purple, green, blue and gold represent heritage, community, feminism, and wealth, and are colors that show up the most in my work.