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Next Shows - June 29th at Location 1980 and July 11th at Hera Hub!
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Close up of Light Beam on 24" x 36" aluminum print "Distressed"
Art La Napaux | Natasha Patel


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Last year I was inspired to make a  collection based on the aesthetics of the abalone shell. I  bookmarked it  and fast forward a year later, this series was born. She has become so much more to me now than a simple recreation of an aesthetic.

When I look  at this collection, she reminds me of being surrounded by the tropical jungles of Bali, of being embraced by warm summer evenings, and of gazing up into cloudless starry nights. 

In certain angles,  she gives off  impressions of shards of stained glass and even distressed metal. The way these paintings reflect and capture light reminds me of Mona Lisa’s gaze, and will follow you around the room. 

This  series  is a modern society girl, and to me represents:

  • Surrender
  • Trust within self 
  • Acceptance
  • Freedom
  • Self- Expression
  • Hope for the future 

Two limited edition metallic prints of "Distressed" are available for purchase.

Ink and digital media printed on glossy silver aluminum. Inset frame is preinstalled, so it's ready to hang right when you receive it. Each print is signed and numbered.

  • 24" x 36" (2 quantity)